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Our Challenges & Goals

We are a little family from Minnesota. When we started developing Robo Cat Story 5 years ago, our son wasn't even born yet. We've come a long way since then even though Max is only now 20 months old...Time really flies!

As mentioned before, we’ve been working on this game for a few years now. We have a clear vision and plan of how we want the game to turn out once complete. Development is never without its own challenges and unfortunately delays arise because of them. While we do our best to minimize those and deliver a high quality game, one of the biggest, unavoidable obstacles we face is time.

The fact that it’s just the two of us working on the project—typically a game our size and the complications involved in it would take a team of people—makes it take longer than it should to finish especially when we both have day jobs. Ever since our baby boy was born our progress has slowed down quite a bit as well. BUT! Thankfully we got a lot done before then and so we are currently on the last stretch of a long haul.


It’s always been a passion of ours to make a living in the creative field. Your donation will allow us to fully devote our time to finish this project and work on our upcoming ones.

Sam - Animator | Programmer | Technical QA | Special Effects and Battle Concept Developer | Sam is the coding guru behind Robo Cat Story. He has always had a passion for gaming since as long as he can remember. To create his own game has been on his bucket list for a while.

Julie - Story Writer | Music & Sound FX Composer | Graphic Designer | Scene Concept Developer | Julie is the creative force behind Robo Cat Story. She has a brain that doesn't know how to stop. She loves all things crafty and musical and her list of talents is endless.


Max - Voice for Gilders | Max is a free spirit who never seems to run out of energy. He has the most innocent, angelic voice you’ll ever hear from the death of an enemy.

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We're glad you are here! Thank you for helping us meet our goals and supporting our upcoming projects!

Thank you for your donation!

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